Lyn Avenue with Hamrick & Haynes


Sat 08/11/18 6 pm

Lyn Avenue:
Born and raised in Savannah, GA, Lyn Avenue is a Country/Americana act bringing you catchy, compelling stories with genuine southern charm. Driven by rich vocals, electrifying leads, and boot stomping rhythms, Lyn Avenue is a burning ember of authentic country music. Lyn Avenue's latest release, "Never Been to Nashville - EP" features six songs, including their single "Kentucky Bourbon", a clever boot-stomping drinking anthem that according to A&R Factory, is an "authentically country song." With over 28,000 views on Social Media (and growing), the single is generating a buzz on the internet and beyond.

Hamrick & Haynes:
Hamrick & Haynes is a fast rising modern country duo from Northeast Georgia and Metro Atlanta Area. Chris Hamrick and Nick Haynes came together with an organic passion for playing popular country covers and originals sparking a new niche sound in the country music market. Some of their most recent originals include Second Time, Malibu, Livin or Dyin and Blame It On Me. Fans enjoy their banter and comradery on the stage as well as their down to earth interaction off-stage.