Labor Day Weekend Beach Party

Live Music

Sat 09/02/17 1 pm

Come celebrate Labor Day Weekend with live music on the beach!

Friday, September 1st
1:00 PM - Resinated
6:00 PM - Bencoolen

Saturday, September 2nd
1:00 PM - JoJo Squirrel & The Homepickles
6:00 PM - Irritating Julie Band

Sunday, September 3rd
12:00 PM - The Storks
8:00 PM - Cranford Hollow

Imagine a band has driven hours through the night to cram their gigantic sign and gigantic sound into your tiny living room. They have never played in your town. They set up on a stage so small that their bass amp cannot fit on it. The bassist does not admit defeat. He plants his amp right next to your stage and dances on top of it all damn night until you're dancing too. The bass player.

But you were ready. You built a tiki bar and filled your floors with beach sand. You carried a pool and hot tubs to the stage. You came to party. Maybe you heard a couple soundcloud links, maybe you saw a couple photos. Something told you tonight was going to be different. By the end of the first set you were dancing your asses off, singing with a sweaty frontman to songs you had never heard. His glasses were fogged. By the end of the second set the drummer was standing behind his kit, the guitarist was sitting with his feet dangling off the stage almost touching you, and the sax player deftly squealed above it all.


The transition from 2015 to 2016 was a hectic time for Bencoolen. The rock and roll outfit found themselves ramping up from occasional local performances to touring the east coast, with a new lineup. With this solidified lineup, Bencoolen has evolved into a maximalist rock group featuring soaring vocals, stunning guitar work, and soulful saxophone lines. Together they have been hired as opening support for Big Something, Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, Atlas Road Crew, the Mowgli’s, and Marcus King Band. Bencoolen has also picked up festival slots in NC, VA, and DE, headlined by a stop at Firefly Music Festival in 2017.

One No Depression writer described Bencoolen's live act as, “Everything I had hoped for. Their enthusiasm and energy filled the room as the crowd looked on, filling up the venue with a prominent and boisterous vibrancy.”

Their latest EP earned a rave review from Ethnocloud that stated, “’In Color’ is a delightful release that sheds inhibitions or molds that a young band is ‘expected’ to fulfill.”

Independent Artist Buzz said, “Bencoolen’s energy throughout the record is infectious. I feel like I am at a party right from the start… I can only imagine what the band sounds like live.”

Now it's 2017. Using their 2 EP’s as a backbone, founding members Paul Gregg (guitar, vocals) and Teddy Scott (guitar) look to build on the strengths of the newest members to road test new songs while continuing to hone their live performance. The pair grew up living opposite lives, with Paul splitting his childhood between the exciting energy of Singapore and New York and Teddy spending his in a quiet, Connecticut town. Somehow they ended up together at college in Washington DC, where they attended engineering school, won softball championships, and of course started a band.

Bencoolen is now touring in support of their recently released single, “Spotlight” which has already been featured in a Paste Magazine column and with Live Music Daily. The recording was built on a live room recording at Inner Ear studio in Virginia with legendary engineer Don Zientara. Don has recorded for a wide range of artists from the Foo Fighters to Fugazi.

JoJo Squirrel & The Homepickles:
Come listen to our original house band JoJo Squirrell & The Home Pickles from 1:00 pm-5:00 pm on the Beach at Tiki Hut. Made up of vocalists Mike Kavanaugh (Rhythm Guitar), Jevon Daly (Lead Guitar), Gary Pratt (Bass), and Jon Bruner (Drums), JoJo Squirrel performs classic rock and contemporary hits from the Beatles, Eagles, Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, Doobie Brothers, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, and many more to get you on your feet.

Irritating Julie Band:
A rock band comprised of Ben Tomas (vocals/guitar), Larry Lawrence (vocals/guitar), Bernard Fee (vocals/bass), and Scott Duchesneu (drums), the Irritating Julie Band will be taking the Tiki Hut stage at 6 pm!

The Storks:
Made up of Joe Vicars (bass/samples/vocals), John Wilkins (guitar/samples/vocals), Parker Dewitt (drummy beats), and Austin Smith (trombone), The Storks is a reggae/ska infused band, laying down covers and original music with its own distinct island vibe. In addition to original compositions, The Storks play covers by The Black Keys, Ben Harper, Bob Marley, Radiohead, Sublime, Modest Mouse, 311, Daft Punk, Prince, and more.

Cranford Hollow:
It’s a boot stomp on a dusty bar floor. It’s the clang of a whiskey bottle at last call. It's grit. It's the sounds of the South. It's Cranford Hollow, a blended mix of Southern Rock, Appalachian Fiddle Music and American Rock and Roll.

The Hilton Head Island quartet, comprised of vocalist and guitarist John Cranford, bass man Phillip Sirmans, drummer Randy Rockalotta, and fiddler and vocalist Eric Reid, have won over thousands of loyal fans with what they call Lowcountry Stomp, a sound that is at once eclectic but uniquely their own. Elements of Blues, Old-Time Country, and Southern Psychedelic Rock come together with ancient mountain melodies in an energetic, engaging musical root bag sprinkled with some Sea Island hoodoo. Since 2011 Cranford Hollow has been playing upwards of 200 shows a year, steadily expanding from the South Carolina Lowcountry to places as far afield as Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Livingston, Montana and Taos, New Mexico.