Kyle Lacey and the Harlem River Noise

50's Rock & Blues

Thu 05/31/18 6 pm

Kyle Lacy & the Harlem River Noise conjure a potion that stirs the soul, bringing you home to the roots of 50’s rock’n’roll and blues.

If a young Ray Charles met a fresh-faced Gene Vincent in 2017 and they formed a duo, they would surely collaborate with KL & HRN. They might even join the band…

… Or are they in the band already?

In February 2017 at the legendary Sun Studios, two sidemen on a recording session bonded over the swinging tendencies of 50s rock’n’roll. Harlem neighbors Cody Gibson & Kyle Lacy paved their own path: a 10-song LP was followed by a two-month record release tour, festival appearances, and plenty of instrument-switching & upside down bass along the way.

Kyle Lacy, Vocals & Guitar
Cody Gibson, Upright Bass & Vocals
Boyce Griffith, Tenor Saxophone & Organ
Steve Renko, Drumset