Halloween Costume Party with C2 and the Brothers Reed

Live Music on the Beach

Wed 10/31/18 1 pm

Celebrate Halloween with a costume contest and live music by Swim in the Wild and C2 & The Brothers Reed. Prizes will be awarded for first, second, and third place.

1:00 pm: Swim in the Wild
Swim in the Wild is the Adventure Alternative Band- A Sound Born in the Rock & Rolling plains of the Carolina's with East Coast Vibes and flavors of Appalachian Folk.

6:00 pm: C2 & The Brothers Reed
Hailing from the Bluegrass with a sound as unique and smooth as the regions' beloved bourbon, C2 & The Brothers Reed's authenticity shines in their studio debut Weigh Station Tour.

After the independent release of their first EP "Hot Mess", along with an extensive tour schedule (250+ shows in 2015-16) traveling mainly in the southern part of the country, they took to the studio less than a year later to cut their new record Weigh Station Tour. Split into sides, 'Exit A' and 'Exit B', Weigh Station Tour explores gritty rock and roll while referencing 60's and 70's era soul music, embracing a style that is nearly lost but deeply needed in the surge of modern sound and technology.

The band - singer/bassist Cameron Clark, guitarist Kelly Reed, drummer Kody Reed, and keyboardist James Weishar - hide behind nothing on their records, with a 'realness' that has been constantly attributed to their live performance.